Bloggers and marketers may speed up their content-writing process with these AI-content production tools. Every organisation wants to deliver great material to its audience that will address the burning queries. However, with rivals creating hundreds of articles and blogs everyday, it becomes tough to keep up with it.

AI content generating solutions may aid you with this process by automating research. Now, even when dealing with writer’s block, one may have the first draught ready for editing. Read on to discover how to write articles with AI, its benefits and downsides, and the finest technologies in the market.

AI in the Field of Content Development

Artificial Intelligence has promised us so many things for a long time, and in recent years, the world has begun to feel its enchantment. Though it still has a long way to go, AI did made substantial breakthroughs utilising natural language processing, machine vision, neural networks, expert systems, and more.

Now, you may utilise AI technologies to create an article or blog for you or produce copy for email and social media that can convert. One may also apply AI to reconstruct old photographs, erase or add video backdrops, face and image recognition, and countless other difficult tasks. In the future, you may anticipate AI to grow more intelligent and achieve things we cannot even envision today.

Contributions of AI in writing


1. Blogs and Articles

The most popular use of AI tools for writing is the first draught of a long post. The tool can create blog outlines and parts of blog post apart from the entire blog itself. It is a highly efficient invention for mankind.

2. Posts for Social Media

Artificial intelligence can also assist you in coming up with posts and captions that are appealing and engaging for your social media accounts. You may also have AI develop captivating email copy for marketing in order to convert subscribers more successfully. This can be done by letting AI do the work.

Yes, artificial intelligence may also assist you in effectively generating responses to questions posed on Quora. AI is often used by digital marketers to produce Facebook ad copy and sponsored pins. This is due to the fact that advertising play an essential part in digital marketing.

3. Scripts for Videos

The use of YouTube videos as a marketing technique is becoming more widespread in the modern day. It is a better notion to use AI for screenplay authoring as opposed to hiring a human to produce the scripts from scratch.

 The benefits of content generated by AI


The most important advantage of using AI technologies to write content is that it speeds up the writing process and makes it more efficient overall. It enables you to rapidly develop content. Additionally, AI assists with scalability when there is a requirement to create a greater number of blogs. At some time in their careers, all human authors struggle with a condition known as writer’s block.

A writer is not always knowledgeable in all fields. On the other hand, an AI tool may easily generate drafts on any subject. By using it, you will be able to produce high-quality writing about a topic that you have just a passing familiarity with. The use of these technologies results in significant cost savings for businesses when compared to hiring professional and knowledgeable writers.

 Drawbacks associated with the production of content by AI


The quality of material provided by AI is the most significant area of concern. It’s possible that AI won’t capture the tone you’re going for since it relies so much on data analysis and algorithms.

Even if these tools examine the results of search engines to determine what readers are looking for in material and write appropriately, there is always a danger that Google may downgrade the quality of the content that is created by AI.

AI technologies often produce work that lacks both creative expression and emotional involvement. These kinds of blogs and articles don’t take into account the intricacies of the local languages.


Everything may be seen as having both good and bad implications, depending on the software you wish to employ. It is totally dependant on the programme that you choose. Applications such as TrueWriterAI use cutting-edge technology and are up-to-date with the latest trends, which make it easier to produce the most relevant and factual content, that is also informational. Try it out for yourself before you make a choice!