Even if you aren’t interested in artificial intelligence, you should still pay attention to the newest content writing AI in town, TrueWriterAI. The bot uses NLP and ML and produces content taken from the vast amounts of information that can be found on the internet. The tool has a professional level of expertise in content writing and other domains.  It is not yet capable of replacing all people in terms of knowledge or intelligence, but it has the ability to be creative, and the answers it provides may seem quite authoritative. 

What exactly is TrueWriterAI?

TrueWriterAI, a content writing AI was launched with the intention of demonstrating and evaluating what a very big and strong AI system is capable of doing. You can ask it to produce an infinite number of blogs and articles as well as content for your social media platforms.

You can write poetry and articles and get factual details about anything that you can think of. This AI system is the best of the best! The hitch is that TrueWriterAI is very knowledgeable. It’s an artificial intelligence software that’s been taught to spot patterns in massive amounts of material taken from the internet, and construct structured content around it. 

Who built TrueWriterAI?

The founder of the company came up with the idea of TrueWriterAI. It is the objective of this organisation to construct an artificial intelligence system that is can create the most human-like content possible that is optimized inthe best way possible. The founder made sure that not only this but the content generated by the system needed little to no human intervention at all and would rank high on SERP.

It has made headlines since its release. This tool, which can generate text that looks like a human wrote it, is capable of many more things. AI technologies such as GPT-3 and the GPT 3.5 upgrade, which is the foundation for ChatGPT, are examples of what are known as big language models. They are programmed to generate text depending on what they’ve observed, and the training process may be carried out automatically, generally requiring enormous amounts of computing power over the course of many weeks. For instance, the training procedure can locate a random piece of text, eliminate a few words, ask the AI to fill in the gaps, compare the outcome to the original, and then award the AI system for getting as near as feasible to the correct answer. TrueWriterAI does something similar and is just as advanced.

Features of TrueWriterAI

TrueWriterAI has so many features, we can’t cover them all in one article, but here are a few:

  1. AI Blog Writer

This feature enables users to generate creative and unique content for blog posts. The users can input their content requirements and a few keywords and choose from over 25 languages.

2. AI Article Writer

This feature enables users to generate highly-structured content for their articles. The AI content writer is capable of generating factual information and the user can select from a wide variety of tones as well.

3. AI Copywriting Tool

This feature of the content writing AI helps the users generate copies for their websites or social media pages. The copies generated by this AI tool are absolutely one of a kind. They are not only unique but also high-quality and well-structured!

4. AI Writer for Ads

This feature generates content for ad taglines and descriptions. It can assist you in producing persuasive and well-drafted content for ad campaigns.

5. AI Email Writer

This feature generates emails for your organization based on your target audience. It can help you increase conversion rates and maximize your customer reach.

Is TrueWriterAI Free To Use?

Yes, it is absolutely free to use! The founder said that the goal behind creating TrueWriterAI was to make advanced AI writing services available to all as these AI content tools are generally very pricey and therefore can’t be accessed by everyone.

TrueWriterAI comes with various high-end features apart from content generation. It includes plagiarism detection as well as grammar checking services, to name a few.


The fact that such a great resource is available free of cost is a privilege and should be taken advantage of. The vision of the founder was that technology should be made accessible to each and everyone, regardless of where they come from.