There are a few major players in the industry when it comes to artificial intelligence content writing. You will discover TrueWriterAI and Jasper among them, being two of the most well-known AI writng tools that are now available. 

Although there are many ways in which and TrueWriterAI are comparable to one another, each has its own set of characteristics that set it apart. This indicates that the one that is more suited to you will be the one that you choose based on the sort of material that you make.

We’re going to put  and TrueWriterAI head-to-head so you can see precisely how they stack up against one another in order to assist you in selecting the AI software solution that will be the most beneficial to you.


In this section, we will examine the primary features offered by each of these writing tools, as well as the benefits and drawbacks associated with using each one. In addition to that, we will discuss the value for the money that they provide. If you want to develop content on a huge scale, this may be a significant consideration for you to take into account. 

1. TrueWriterAI

The purpose behind the creation of TrueWriterAI, an artificial intelligence software that writes material, was to make AI writing accessible to the world. An individual can produce material on any subject using its latest AI technology in over 25+ different languages. Within its field, an artificial intelligence system stands alone as the clear front-runner. The goal of this organisation is to develop an artificial intelligence system that is capable of creating content that is as human-like as it is technically possible to generate and that is optimised in the most effective way that can possibly be imagined. 

The developer of the software took great care to ensure not only this, but also the content that was automatically created by the system, would get a high ranking on SERP’s. TrueWriterAI is a sophisticated artificial intelligence writing service available to the general public free of cost.

The robotic writer known as Jasper AI is driven by cutting-edge AI technology and has the ability to select material five times more quickly than the typical human copywriter. What a display of ability!

When you use Jasper AI, you will obtain work that is one hundred percent original, will have no instances of plagiarism flagged, and will be written properly. Additionally, you will get pre-written templates on several topics. We at DemandSage have previously compiled a list of the finest artificial intelligence writing software, and Jasper was one of the programmes that made the cut.


It goes without saying that Jasper AI creates content that is SEO-friendly. This means that all of the material you get as a result of employing Jasper AI has been optimised and is ready to attract sales and pitches. With the help of Jasper AI, you will be able to get a high ranking in the Google search results, draw in thousands of repeat visitors, and generate consistent website traffic that you will later be able to monetize.

If this is your first time utilising a tech-based programme or an application driven by AI, then it may seem to be a little challenging for you at first, but as time goes on, you will ultimately get used to it. 

To give you a heads-up, if you are just starting off with Jasper AI, it will take time. I strongly advise making use of Grammarly as an add-on so that you may feel confident in your writing.

The issue at hand is that Jasper will remove credits from your account for each and every word that it creates. Even after enrolling at Jasper’s Boss Mode with a goal of writing 50,000 words within the allotted time, the same happens. Apart from this, Grammarly and Plagiarism detection were one of the first things that I noticed while navigating the Jasper user interface.

The situation quickly deteriorated once I turned on the plagiarism detection toggle. Copyscape is the engine that drives Jasper’s plagiarism detection, and using it will cost you extra. They make an excellent pair due to the fact that Copyscape likewise employs a credit system and bases pricing on volume. Apart from that, Jasper’s subscription costs a lot more than other AI writing tools.






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In the fight between TrueWriterAI and, who do you think will emerge victorious?

To tell you the truth, I personally am a fan of TrueWriterAI. However, both of these AI writing tools are excellent, but the primary consideration to keep in mind is that TrueWriterAI is better suited to long-form content and is ideal for things like product descriptions, social media captions, facebook ad copy, meta descriptions, and other forms of short-form content. Check out my article on TrueWriterAI vs. OpenAI here.