Since the industrial revolution, we have been worried about machines replacing humans. We have seen machines replacing humans in endless operational activities. Nowadays, we have robots vacuuming houses or even facing chess masters.

On the other hand, these changes have generated new demands dependent on the human mind, and both machines and robots continue needing a little help from humans, whether to give the first commands or to refine the final result. In the AI-writing case, the robot delivers insights according to your ideas. 

Why use AI for content writing?

Creating content that is optimised for search engines is not a simple process. You need to make sure that the articles you publish can be simply comprehended by Google so that the search engine can give them a high ranking for the keywords you want to rank for.

Not all AI writers will assist you with producing articles that are optimised for search engines like Google. If you are a blogger, you should choose the AI writer that assists you in creating articles that are optimised for search engine results with great care.

Softwares such as TrueWriterAI come with Surfer SEO integration, a well-known on-page SEO tool, which assists you in optimising your post for the term you want to focus on, making it an excellent choice. If you are a blogger who would want to produce more blog articles but sometimes finds it difficult to come up with topics to write about, then allow me to provide you a solution to your problem.

With the help of an AI content generator tools, you will be able to think of fresh topics for blog posts that are pertinent to the keywords you have chosen to focus on. Finding ideas for material that is appropriate for publication on your blog will become much simpler for you as a result of these changes.

Through the use of TrueWriterAI, which includes Natural Language Processing and deep machine learning, it is able to generate original ideas for blog posts in far less time than it would take people or conventional content writers to do so manually. If you are having trouble thinking up topics for your blog posts, then I strongly suggest that you such AI writing tools a try. They will provide you with some incredible ideas for blog posts to write.

And what does Google say about AI writing assistants?

In the same way that artificial intelligence speeds up these resources, it also works to help the algorithm recognize the authenticity and originality of content.  We can see that Google is not concerned if you use resources that speed up your production process, but rather with the quality of the information that is made available through it.

As with AI-writing assistants, AI translation tools also generate content from user commands with a quality that translation professionals approve of. And even though these tools have all this intelligence, human validation is still necessary to ensure the best meaning for a given context. You can test it now on Google Translate by providing a more complicated paragraph. You will see that you will need to make several adjustments to provide the proper tone for the desired message. That’s why localization is so important nowadays.

Following this logic, the same goes for texts produced by AI. They also need human help to validate that their information satisfies human desires. What you need to do is make sure your content is original, trustworthy, and relevant.

How can human creativity benefit from AI writing assistants?


As a writer or copywriter, you must know the famous “writers’ block”, which refers to those moments where you are trying to reach for new ideas, but nothing in the box reaches back out at you. These can cause you frustration and fatigue and often provokes a persistent existential crisis, making you believe you’re totally incapable.  For this, we should use artificial intelligence as an ally in our writing process. But don’t forget you need to ensure the reader’s happiness. So, remember you are the owner of the content. The AI will work so you can take advantage of your creativity, thus making your routine a little lighter.


The release of a brand-new artificial intelligence writing tool a few weeks ago has caused a positive impact. I am talking about TrueWriterAI, the most recent iteration of an artificial intelligence writing programme that has users pleasantly pleased.

The reality of the matter is that all of this what might we anticipate from the foreseeable future of material provided by AI? We are headed to somewhere really bright.