The important issue that every writer wants to know the answer to in 2023 is whether or not AI copywriting will be worth it. This blog will teach you exactly what AI copywriting is, how it works, and how you can make the most of the greatest AI tools to get more done in less time, so let’s get started!

Will AI Copywriting take over?

No, TrueWriterAI and other excellent AI copywriting tools won’t render human copywriting irrelevant anytime soon or in the foreseeable future. I’ll explain why. You have most likely previously heard that empathy is one of the secrets of outstanding e-commerce copywriting. Empathy refers to the capacity to really empathise and resonate with customers who are making purchases. Emotions are the driving force behind actions, particularly purchasing decisions.

Although there have been significant advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence, artificial intelligent copywriting will only partially replace real human copywriting skills. This is despite the fact that there have been significant improvements in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Does this imply that the need for mediocre e-commerce copywriters won’t decrease as a result of AI? To tell you the truth, it very well may. But who really wants something that lacks lustre anyway? If you are using substandard copy, now more than ever, AI is coming to take your place. Copywriting is made to sell, and its whole existence is predicated around the foundation of selling, therefore if you are utilising terrible content, AI is here to take your place.

A research conducted by neuroscientists demonstrated that cognitive and emotional intelligence share brain systems that are comparable in terms of their ability to integrate thoughts and make decisions. This indicates that as human beings, we need some kind of emotional connection in order to make a significant choice, such as purchasing anything online, for example.

Is it worth it to use AI to write copy?

Copy that is able to fit a certain tone, structure, and style may be created using artificial intelligence copywriting algorithms via the use of natural language processing and machine learning technology.

Many people are familiar with the term machine learning which refers to the process by which AI programmes learn via the processing of vast quantities of data that are accessible online and the discovery of patterns in that data. After that, it puts that knowledge to use in order to generate content, which it determines to be a statistically likely consequence based on the information that you supply it.

An AI copywriting tool is able to duplicate and produce material in a remarkable way that is similar to the patterns of our natural language thanks to machine learning. That is undeniably a very good point to bring up. We feel that, given the present level of AI copywriting technology, it is only possible to rely on AI in a limited capacity for optimising content. Please allow me to elaborate.

The optimization of content is a complicated and one-of-a-kind procedure that does not just include readable material and sophisticated keywords. In order to effectively optimise your content, you need to comply with Google’s SEO practices. To build a highly successful content that can raise exposure to page one, generate sales, and stay in compliance with Google’s policies requires much more than what the greatest AI copywriting tools available in the 21st century are capable of doing.

The foundations of a successful marketing campaign for your company include a compelling e-commerce copywriting approach, as well as an effective content strategy. Because there are so many complexities and so little time, an AI content writing tool motivates people to take action. It’s exciting to think about the possible benefits of deploying strong AI copywriting tools. Think in terms of minimal expenses, high efficiency, and passable quality.

When you need to be focusing on the heart of your company, a solid AI copywriting tool, such as our top selections for 2023, may assist you in producing more content while saving you time that you would otherwise spend drowning in social media marketing efforts or blogging.

Greatest premium AI copywriting tools of 2023

1. TrueWriterAI

This AI writing tool is powered by artificial intelligence, and it is capable of producing blog posts, landing site copy, social media copy, and other forms of material by using machine learning and natural language processing. In addition to the creation of unique content, it also delivers information that is correct from a grammatical standpoint. It supports 25+ languages and is available to use free of cost.

2. Articoolo

You may get help producing blog articles directly in WordPress with the assistance of an artificial intelligence text generator which supplies a plugin for that purpose. With its aid, the process of producing articles and preparing summaries may be sped up, although users of platforms other than WordPress might not find it to be the most beneficial alternative. Users of Articoolo have the opportunity to subscribe to either a fixed or a monthly plan.

3. AI Writer

This is an AI writing tool that allows for the creation of automatically written material as well as the rewording of existing articles. You will still need to modify the material that is created by this application, despite the fact that it has the ability to make your writing process more efficient. The most affordable option for using AI Writer is the basic plan, which costs $29 per month, while the most expensive option, the standard plan, costs $59 per month.

4. Grammarly

While you are writing, this artificial intelligence article generating programme evaluates your work for grammatical and spelling mistakes. It detects issues such as the use of passive voice and a lack of diversity in the structure of the sentences, both of which are common flaws in written work. The capacity to identify instances of plagiarism is included in the premium membership offered by the organisation. A one-month subscription to one of its premium plans may be purchased for a minimum of twelve dollars


Let’s face it: the world is always evolving, and for those of us who play in the marketing game, this means that there will only be more digital tools available for copywriters. You will still need to dedicate time to research and editing even if you use a writing assistance that is powered by artificial intelligence. This is the only way to ensure that the finished product is of the highest quality possible. However, if you use the above tools, that human intervention can be brought to the minumum and you can get the highest quality of unique content. Don’t beleive me? Try it out for yourself!