AI-powered article writing refers to a technique that employs the usage of artificial intelligence in the creation of content. The data is first analyzed by algorithms, and then the results is used to build articles and blogs. There are several positive aspects of using AI to fuel content generation. To begin with, an AI writing tool has the potential to save you both, time and money. It may also assist you in increasing your productivity and improving your ranks in search engine results pages (SERP). In addition to this, article writing enabled by AI may assist you in producing more material in a shorter amount of time.

There is a common misconception that only huge companies can benefit from using AI for content generation. This statement is not accurate. Anybody can write high-quality content by using AI-powered content softwares. Another urban legend is that material generated by AI-driven article writing is of poor quality. This is another fallacy. Articles published by AI are on par with those written by humans in terms of quality. To speed up content generation, bloggers employ AI writing tools nowadays.  Bloggers believe that incorporating AI writing into your writing process might be very beneficial to the organization.

Things to keep in mind while using an AI writing tool

1. Overcome writer’s block

The majority of authors, if not all of them, have at some time or another struggled from writer’s block. For bloggers who are required to keep up with a demanding content schedule, falling into a creative rut may be an extremely difficult challenge to overcome. AI writing tools that can assist you in overcoming this problem.

2. Draft a plan quickly

Now, you can also employ AI writing tools to help you create an outline more quickly than if you were to do it yourself, which you can then use to write the article. An AI writing tool can assist you with the generation of an outline based on the information that you input in the software. The majority of the time, keywords are sufficient to begin the process of content generation.

If you’re having problems arranging your ideas in a logical fashion, this outlining may be extremely helpful. It has the potential to make the writing process more efficient and provide you with a detailed road map on how to proceed.

3. Input clear prompts

The quality of the results that an AI tool produces will have a direct correlation with the data that is fed into it. You have to give clear directions and offer clarity to such tools regardless of the sort of material you are going to generate by letting the AI know how your content should look like. You will sometimes need to define the tone and speech of the content that you want. For example you can decide if you want the tone of your text to be friendly or conversational, etc.

4. Do your research

Some artificial intelligence writing tools are capable of providing data that they have extracted from the internet in addition to creating paragraphs. Therefore, do an extensive research before choosing an AI writing tool. We have listed the top AI article generators below so you can choose for yourself.

5. Edit and proofread

If you use an AI writing tool that in not updated, it may provide information that is no longer relevant. As a result of this, it is absolutely necessary to edit and proofread everything before you hit the publish button. The output does not need to be reviewed prior to publication. Some softwares might need human intervention after the end content has been generated.

6. Keep your target audience in mind

Whenever you publish a new piece of content on your website, it is essential to keep your audience in mind. An AI tool can ensure that the content you produce caters to the requirements of your readers. You can input the age of your target audience in some AI writing tools to produce content that caters to those readers.

AI writing tools that will be worth your while

1. TrueWriterAI

This AI writing tool is driven by artificial intelligence, and it can produce blog articles, landing sites, social media copy, and other sorts of content by using machine learning and natural language processing. In addition to producing original content, it also provides grammatically accurate material.

2. Articoolo

This artificial intelligence text generator provides a plugin that can assist you in writing blog posts directly in WordPress. The process of writing articles and creating summaries can be sped up with its assistance, but users of platforms other than WordPress may not find it to be the most useful option. Articoolo provides users with the option to subscribe to either a fixed or a monthly plan, the former of which includes 10 articles and costs $19, while the latter costs $29 and includes 30 articles.

3. AI Writer

This is an AI writing tool that consists of automatic content writing and article rewording capabilities. Even while this programme has the potential to make your writing process more efficient, you will still need to edit the information that it creates. The cost of AI Writer’s basic plan begins at $29 per month, while the cost of its standard plan begins at $59 per month.

4. Grammarly

This AI content generator software checks your work for grammatical and spelling errors as you write. It identifies problems such as the use of passive voice or a lack of variation in the structure of the sentences. The company’s premium subscription includes the ability to detect plagiarism. The option to subscribe to one of its premium plans starts at $12 a month.


Despite the fact that AI content tools are becoming more and more advanced with time, an AI writing tool will only be as successful as the human who employs it. You will be able to enjoy the benefits of AI writing tools only if you choose the best one and the one that suits your content goals.