Writing tools powered by artificial intelligence are designed to first evaluate material and then compose an essay on any subject. These programmes are able to carry out a number of tasks, including the selection of keywords and information in accordance with argumentative structure, the addition of transition words between paragraphs, and the differentiation between facts and opinions in order to prevent errors such as misspelling or incorrect tense. The global AI text generator market is estimated to go up 17.3% by 2030(1).

You feed the software with a subject, and it generates a thesis statement for you to use. This is how most AI writing tools function. After that, you will be prompted to enter the supporting elements for that thesis; the AI tool will then construct an essay based on your information, and you will be able to purchase essays using this platform, if it’s paid.


Pros and cons of AI essay writing tools

Utilizing AI-based technologies for the production of essays comes with a number of advantages, including the following:

1. When it comes to writing essays, using AI technologies may help you save a significant amount of time, which is a significant benefit. You may just input a few ideas rather of spending hours thinking of themes to write about, researching material, and creating an essay. If you do this, the essay should be finished in a matter of minutes rather than hours.

2. Artificial intelligence writing tools are free from prejudice since they are simply intended to collect the material that you enter and write it out in a logical style. This means that they will not introduce their own thoughts into an essay.

3. Since AI tools don’t need human input to function, you can effortlessly cut and paste the results of your use of them into other applications.

Nevertheless, utilising AI systems to write essays comes with a number of significant drawbacks, including the following:

1. AI tools, despite the fact that they are able to produce ideas for you to begin with, are not built to come up with novel ideas all by themselves. This indicates that you will probably require assistance from a third party if you want an interesting opening or conclusion to your paper.

2. Incapable of completing difficult tasks without human interaction, despite how well they are at arranging information in a logical manner, AI tools are not yet capable of writing innovative articles without the assistance of a person. To edit the final draught and offer input on how well the final essay matches the criteria of the assignment, you will still need extra expertise.

3. If you utilise various sections of multiple essays to finish your own work, there is a larger risk that the sources you used will not be credited properly or at all. This raises the risk of your work being accused of plagiarism. As a result of the fact that these computers do not comprehend how human language works, they are unable to link the many components of a text, nor can they distinguish between truth and fiction. Students need to have a deeper comprehension of various writing styles and become familiar with the appropriate procedures for citing their sources in order to reduce the likelihood of being accused of plagiarism.

Should you rely on AI tools?

When it comes to the writing of essays, there are some activities that an AI tool will never be able to do. These duties are mostly those that demand creativity, the ability to solve problems, and an in-depth grasp of the complexities of the English language. Because of this, we are unable to use AI techniques to take the role of expert writers – at least not just yet! 

An AI writing tool, on the other hand, may assist you in getting started if you have trouble meeting your deadlines and don’t have much time for doing research or coming up with ideas for themes to write about. You should keep in mind that the final version of your draught won’t be flawless; you will still need the assistance of a person who specialises in the writing of essays to correct any grammatical problems and provide comments on how well your essay matches the criteria of the assignment. 

You may save time while also ensuring that the finished result will be of the greatest possible quality if you outsource the writing of your essays to qualified professional essay writers. You are in luck since the internet has a plethora of excellent AI essay writing services like TrueWriterAI that are there to assist you with any and all of your academic requirements.

How to find the best AI tool for essay writing?

It is essential to carry out preliminary research before selecting a certain professional AI essay writing tool to use. There is a wide variety of software available, but not all of them are built on the same foundation. The following is a list of some advice that might help you select the ideal AI essay writing software for you:

1. Check out the webpage of the company: A reliable AI essay assistance software company will have a website that is professionally created and has information about the team of AI writers they use, the services they provide, and the prices they charge, etc.

2. Examine the feedback: After you have whittled down the list of possible dissertation AI writing services, you should make it a point to read evaluations written by previous customers. This will provide you with a solid notion of the general quality of the AI writing process as well as the service quality that you can anticipate to get.

3. Make sure that your AI writer is up-to-date: In order to work for the majority of AI essay writing services, AI writers must be up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in order to provide the latest content. This indicates that they should be able to produce work of a high quality on themes of each and every field.


Even if AI writing tools are becoming more complex all the time, they still have a long way to go before they can totally replace the talents of an experienced essay writer. To have an essay that is both effective and of high quality, you want the assistance of an outstanding AI essay writing service that is aware of the complexities of the human language and is able to link together different sections of text. 

Because AI technologies are not yet capable of accomplishing this, we are unable to use these tools in lieu of human professionals to create essays for us at this time. There is however one such software that is in the news lately. It is outsmarting human intelligence to create text that is not only factually correct but also just as good as a human writer’s. Check out TrueWriterAI for more.