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truewriter-ai: The Best AI Content Writing Tool, Free Copywriting Platform

November 12, 2021 2023-01-24 13:19

Best AI content platform to write

Truewriter-ai is built on disruptive AI technology creating high quality writing content for a wide variety of use-cases. Harness the power of AI to gain your productivity 10x for #free #forever

*No credit cards, no annoying follow-ups

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Content generated
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What is it?

The only content writing platform you'll ever need

Used by professionals for wide variety of writing needs, truewriter-ai is an AI powered platform to write plagiarism-free content with the help of Artificial Intelligence.


Write SEO optimized content at rocket-speed

Social media managers

Write for instagram, youtube or quora posts

Email marketers

Write engaging emails in seconds with AI

Advertising teams

Use truewriter-ai for your Ad copies instantly


Write Knowledge Base, proposals, business cases


Use AI to write pitch deck contents, emails

Product marketing

Write catchy product descriptions that sells

Teachers & Students

Make your AI assistant work for any writing work

Let AI do the heavy-lifting

Achieve your writing goals

In today's world it may not be enough to be passionate about writing, it also needs to be consistently done over a long period for success. Thanks to AI, it is now easy for bloggers to write content as AI does the most of the writing. Give it a few words as instruction, set the tone and truewriter-ai can spin up a brand new content every time you need it to. All content is inherently grammer-checked & SEO optimised so you don't have to check it again with another tool. Once your have the content, you can add your own style to make it more personalised.

Do not write content separately

Optimized content for each platform instantly

Write your social media posts instantly with truewriter-ai. AI writes you posts for all social media platforms at once for variety of usage such as, product announcement, event day coverage, industry specific knowledge, employee outings, customer accolades to name a few. truewriter-ai writes content optimized for each platforms separately. Let the mundane piece be generated by AI so you can focus on creativity part of the job.

Create email marketing journey

Not only create but also automate with AI

As an email marketer, you have to not only create individual emails but also plan ahead for the entire campaign beforehand with series of emails. Truewriter-AI has got you covered. Create email campaigns, give context to it and AI creates you a series of emails that would then be automated for delivery. Pretty neat huh! Give it a try today and see how much of a difference it can make for you. Take the stress out of email marketing job by automating email writing to sending. Be pleasantly surprised.

Thinking all day what to write?

Save precious time by leveraging AI power

Truewriter-ai is perfectly designed keeping in mind the need of copywriters. Generate Ad copies from data models specially trained on social media advertisement. Each (social) platform has their own requirements on what is best engaging content for themselves. Use truewriter-ai to work smart by delegating Ad copy writing. You just do the oversight and dictate your model with inputs and voila! You have got your content.

Automate content writing & publishing through workflow

AI & Automation work together for you

Truewriter-ai is the only AI content writing platform that comes all the bells & whistles that enterprises need. From workflows & customizations to scheduling & access control, we have them ready for you. Let AI take over mundane policy writing, knowledge base articles, website content, proposals, business cases and more. Leverage truewriter-ai's powerful workflow automation system to automate writing and publishing process. Empower your employees with disruptive AI technology to win.

Impress investors, customers & employees with AI

AI writes for your so you can focus on more important things

There are a million things an entrepreneur is executing any given time. Taking days/weeks of time to work on company policy documents or pitch deck may only delay your next product release cycle. Embrace AI writing to vastly improve content writing turnaround time. Write business contents 10x faster with truewriter-ai. Encourage your team to write with AI for social medial posts, blogs, Ads, emails and overall business writing.

Product marketing made easy with AI

Write attention grabbing product description

AI is disrupting the content marketing space, whether you have 100s or 1000s of products going to your stores or that daily promo offer, truewriter-ai has rich toolset to help you do that. You can do an entire team's worth of work yourself, repeatedly. All it needs a context of what product you have, few keywords and boom. You have descriptions of 1000s of products, try it out today and let us know what is your best use-case.

Academic writing for 100s of use cases

Leverage AI to write your question papers, summarizer, explainer articles

Are you a teacher or school looking to write assignments, notes, summarizer, examination or question paper? You are at right place. Schools across the world are using AI writing daily for their academic writing requirements. For example you can instruct truewriter-ai to write question papers for history for standard 8th students within minutes. Once you have the questions set, you can always edit-fine tune to make it the perfect examination paper you like.
Wall of ❤

See what writers love about truewriter-ai

Loved worldwide by writing community for gaining exceptional results with truewriter-ai since 2021. Try it today to see your productivity go up 10x in no time. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

Marketing manager

"Simply the best. Way better than chatGPT, lets us automate our workflow for customers, so like set it and forget it."
Claire Tremblay
Marketing agency

Content writer

"Content writing for crypto is always time consuming and lot of search needed for factual writing, I found your software write genuine content in no time, so big step up for me. Happy."
Eleanor Andino

Email marketer

"My job needs a lot of email writing and sending throughout the day, every email campaign is different chain of emails. Truewriter-ai lets me automate my content planner for each contact list so a lot of time and money saved. Cheers."
Sourav Bagchi

Marketing analyst

"AI writing is up and coming tech so I wanted to try it out for my workflow. I was pleasantly surprised how much I can do with AI, (I feel) like I can do a full week of work in a day."
Satya Nollu
Independent freelancer


"Last thing I wanted after a long day at school is to write for next days curriculum, question papers among others. AI has been totally game-changer for me, most of my mundane work is done by truewriter-ai."
Jason Bowker
School in Johannesburg


"Absolutamente surpreso ao vê-lo funcionar, primeiro eu estava cético sobre IA e tudo, mas agora sou um grande fã dele. Uso há 4 meses e não volto a escrever manualmente"
Oskar Portugal
Oskar Santos


"We're using it in our team, like the collaboration features along with jaw-dropping AI writing capabilities. This is definitely the future"
Katie Antony
Pioneer Digital

Medical content writer

"It's those ...since the slice bread moment for me when I tried. I had been spending a lot of time researching about what to write next, now it is just a click the outline is ready, the content is ready what more can I say..."
Jane Sophia


"Happy with the product, does what it says. I did not believe when Greg told me about truewriter-ai but after try it, I am happy I took the time to do it. Now it (truewriter-ai) is part of our daily content workflow."
Alison Downee
Independent writer


"It really shines when put into work. It saves me atleast 3 hours a week from writing documents for my customers. I have found the new way of working in truewriter-ai"
Saad Zeeshan
Founder, Qnabu

Website moderator

"My team took the bet and we proved to the leadership that AI will save us a lot of content budget. Glad we could do it, now everyday I find a new use case where truewriter-ai can be used"
Larry Kuan-yu
SW Tainan city


"No puede ser mejor que esto, AI es el futuro y estoy feliz de haberlo adoptado, truewriter-ai es una bendición. Ahora escribir es tan fácil"
Laia Mary
Independent writer
lets bust some myths

Let us understand what AI can do and what it can't

AI is the future, however not exactly the way it is generally perceived to be. Like all technology it has it's strengths and weaknesses. We try to cover a few topics below to help you understand it's usefulness.

Does AI create low quality content?

Not true, the latest innovation in AI can create high quality content if context given correctly. The trick is to ask your AI writing engine to generate a few variations of the content you want. When it generates, pick the best one you like. The AI generated content should be reviewed by a human before publishing it to the world.

AI content won't rank well

AI generated content should not be published without a review workflow, tools like truewriter-ai lets you create a complete journey based content workflow where AI and human work together to achieve the desired outcome. When used correctly, the content would definitely rank well on search engines.

Is AI is going to take our jobs?

Not true at all. AI cannot perform well without a human supervising it. AI writing is only your assistant at your job. It learns from you on your job and everytime it gets smarter but it is not a replacement of human intellect.

AI content will be high in plagiarism

Not really, everyday the models are being trained as se use them and it gets smarter. Truewriter-ai models learns your use case to then create unique content for you. Grammar and plagiarism checks are done already before the content is presented to you.

what can i use this for?

Unlimited use-cases with AI, endless creative opportunity

We are barely scratching the surface of what can be done with AI. We are entering an exciting phase of humanity where AI is going to shine at every type of businesses, touching virtually every human being.


Blog writing

Create engaging blogs in seconds with truewriter-ai's AI blog writer.


Create titles

Use AI to write SEO optimized meta titles for your content.


Product description

Writing for e-commerce? Write product descriptions in seconds.


Social media

Create engaging blogs in seconds with truewriter-ai's AI blog writer.



Create engaging blogs in seconds with truewriter-ai's AI blog writer.


Knowledge articles

Use AI to write knowledge articles for your customers, employees.


Pitch deck

Business owners create amazing business case presentations



Write outcome based engaging content with AI.